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Lindenwood University AUCI Championship Qualifier

After a very long day on Saturday, 5 Lindenwood University Students and 1 student each from Missouri S&T and University of Akron qualified to advance to the AUCI Championships!

The tournament began at 10 AM and wrapped up  9 hours later, at 7 PM.  Everyone who participated was delighted with the experience, even those who did not qualify.

Here are your qualifiers:


  1. Taren Stewart – Lindenwoon
  2. JP Portwood – Lindenwood
  3. Dakota Knutson – Lindenwood
  4. David Milostan – Akron
  5. Dylan Moorman – Missouri S&T


  1. April Larson – Lindenwood
  2. Madison Bond – Lindenwood

Indiana University & Purdue Training Day

Sunday afternoon the players on the Indiana University and Purdue University billiards teams could have been watching the NFL championship football.  Instead, they chose to spend their afternoon and evening in a billiards training session with USCB’s founder, Mark Wilson.   Mark drove from St. Louis, through blizzard conditions so he could spend the day with these two relatively new billiards teams.

Coach Wilson left the training day excited about the future of Billiards as a sport “These are programs that hold tremendous upside for the sport, and are filled with highly motivated individuals.”

On February 9th, 2019 these two teams will be competing against each other in their first Midwest Collegiate Billiards Conference match.

Mike “Mikey V” Verkruyse is Excited to Join USCB

When I was asked to be a part of the collegiate billiards program by coaching the U of I billiards team I was both excited and enthusiastic to get started. My own billiards career began at a very young age, and though I was fortunate to be involved with a great group of mentors and friends in the sport, I would have loved to play at the collegiate level. That being said the idea of helping create a great program of learning, sportsmanship and character overjoyed me.

I am honored and proud to be a part of what I consider the future of our great sport and I look forward to the journey.

Mikey V

USCB’s Spring Schedule

The Spring Semester provides a fresh start for Collegiate Billiards. The goal is to further intensify our training and become better than our previous best, on and off the table. Our regular training schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4-8 p.m. The weekends will be filled with competitions, clinics, and some charity work for youth and elderly players.

We begin the qualifying to compete in the ACUI Nationals in June. The National Championship is always our number one goal at the beginning of each year and we are looking forward to another opportunity.

The Durbin Cup will be played on Saturday, March 2nd in the Durbin Arena, Sullivan, Illinois. This match features the professional team, Durbin Destroyers, led by Nick Varner and Mike Durbin versus the Lindenwood Lions, in the bi-annual clash for the Cup.

The Midwest Collegiate Billiards Conference competition gets underway with both Conference and non-Conference matches scheduled. The teams that progress will be rewarded with a team tournament on May 4-5 that will determine the U.S. Collegiate Billiards Team Championship.

Viva Billiards

USCB is Proud To Support the Mosconi Cup – Viewing Party

Inclusion and Unity are two of the characteristics that genuine devotees display and what distinguishes everyone who wants to grow Billiards as a sport. We welcome you to and are delighted that you care so much. Our first major initiative is to build great energy for the highest level of professional pool.

Please promote the Mosconi Cup by conducting viewing parties with food, pool, and prizes. This bonds and builds our ranks while supporting the pursuit of excellence. We are delighted and thank you for being a member of our sport.   Everyone is welcome to stop in and join us at the Lindenwood Billiards Arena Dec. 4-7,  or at any of the other supporter parties to enjoy a snack and the atmosphere created by enthusiastic viewers. We hope everyone can join in the fun and this is going to be exciting.