Competition Format

Competition Format

Team Composition

Each team for competition will be comprised of 6 players including a minimum of 1 female. We want to avoid forfeits, and also include as much of the local pool community as possible; so a league team may also have one of their team slots filled with their team coach or a local community supporter. If someone is involved with the team; sacrifices or contributes for the good of the team and sport; then they are part of our family and will be included. All players will be held to the highest standards of sportsmanship (pool player “mercenaries” with the wrong attitudes are not what we are seeking).


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  All league matches will be played in identical fashion. In this way, the statistics generated will be much more meaningful; and will be available for fans and players alike on the league website. Most of the matches will be live streamed for the fans.

Matches will begin with each of the six players playing four racks of 15-Ball to generate a team cumulative score of total balls pocketed. The team with the highest cumulative ball count shall be awarded 2 team points for the match. Then each player will play in two singles sets and one Scotch Doubles set of 9-Ball – sets will be races to 3. Each set win contributes one point to the team’s total score.

A maximum of 17 team points will be available in each match. All of the sets in each match will be played, no matter how lopsided the score might be as the match progresses – for the sake of competition experience, and for equity of the individual statistical records.


Each team will play two matches (home and home) against each of the other schools in the league over the Fall and Spring semesters. Near the end of the school year we will have a combination team playoff tournament/individual showcase tournament conducted at a neutral site. This yearly event will be conducted along the lines of our past Ballpark Village events – designed to incorporate as much entertainment and fun as possible for the players and fans. It will also attract and engage potential fans, casual fans, and sponsors – showing them how great this sport can be! University teams will also be encouraged to play matches against local league and all-star teams during the year; exposing more players in the community to pool played in a manner where excellence and sportsmanship are paramount. Those local league and all-star teams will have a chance to participate in the year end showcase event.

Dress Code

The first season dress code for the college teams will be black slacks with belt, team jerseys, comfortable and clean shoes (tennis shoes/sneakers are permitted, but please have them be presentable). Team jerseys will be provided through the generous sponsorship of Ultimate Team Gear.