Midwest College Billiards Conference

ATTENTION:  Pool League or All-Star Teams, Team Captains

OPPORTUNITY:  Everyone can assist growing our sport into something great


The Midwest Collegiate Billiards Conference (MCBC) is in its first year of conference play. The goal is the proliferation of the sport through the demonstration of Excellence, Respect, and Pride. The MCBC currently includes college billiards teams from Lindenwood University, Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville (SIUE), University of Illinois, Purdue, Indiana University, University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, University of Wisconsin – Madison, and Missouri S and T. Teams from these schools will compete against the other schools.  

In addition they will also test themselves against local league teams in their area that are interested in a chance to support and improve the sport, to test themselves in a more challenging setting than traditional pool leagues can offer, and to have the chance to compete in a year end competition held at a major venue with an entirely different kind of fan base.

Your team can be part of the grassroots effort to improve the sport we all love despite not being a college team. 

The matches with league or All-Star teams from the region will be considered Non-Conference Opponents. However the match scores, individual player scores, and Player Power Rankings, will be listed on the website. 


This is a conference dedicated to promoting and improving our sport by encouraging excellence in both skill and sportsmanship. Competition will be Nine Ball played on 9 foot tables, with standardized rules and match formats. Statistics and results will be available for all players and fans on the MCBC website (uscb.us); along with lots of other information on our sport.


Your team will compete against one of the MCBC college teams.  Matches are designed to last about 3 hours.  Most matches will be presented on a Live Stream or Facebook Live. Teams will consist of 6 players, and AT LEAST ONE MUST BE FEMALE (MCBC pool is designed to be inclusive). The players participating will be leaders and set an example of pursuing excellence on and off of the table while displaying the very highest standard of sportsmanship.


Your 6 person team pays $60 to play.  Proceeds go towards helping the Conference and our college team travel funds for competitions; additionally you will be improving the image and quality of our sport.  Those teams supporting by competing will also earn an invitation to compete in the MCBC year end competition – which will have an amateur tournament alongside the year end collegiate competition.


These competitions are for players interested in advancing their own skill, and at the same time helping our young players improve theirs. It’s a chance for your team to compete in a certified and structured professional quality competition.

We are planning the year end tournament for both the Conference and Non-Conference teams that are sincerely passionate about helping the sport. This event will be held on May 4-5 as a celebration and gathering for everyone that has participated and contributed to the new era for Billiards. 


If you are someone that wants to see pool grow in popularity and develop a structure that has higher levels of competition to which players can aspire; then SIGN UP NOW!  Call Mark Wilson at 618-540-2182 to schedule your match – thank you and you will be glad that you did.