Start A Team


U.S. Collegiate Billiards is an organization of pool enthusiasts dedicated to improving the image and popularity of our sport, and to helping our players achieve true excellence.  Our competitions will be held using a uniform structure, rules, and format so that all team matches will be the same.  The games will be Nine Ball and 15 Ball; singles and doubles; played on nine foot tables; all teams must have at least one female member.  No handicaps.  Most competitions will be streamed; and the U.S. Collegiate Billiards website will have team and player biographical information; as well as statistics on all participating teams and players.

This is a great opportunity for you to help grow the sport, and at the same time improve your skill.  Even if you have a bar table league team, you will find that competing on the nine foot tables will be a great way to improve your play.  At the same time you will be helping billiards grow.  Both collegiate teams and interested amateur teams are welcome to participate.  If you would like to organize a team for your university; or if you are an interested amateur; here are the next steps:

A.)  Promote and create an open meeting/mini-camp for potential team members so they can learn more about becoming involved in billiards as a sport. They do not have any obligation as this is just an exploration regarding what even constitutes a billiard team. The presentation should be thought out, organized, fun, include some pool shooting contests, and have some snacks.  Gender equity is essential to promote the popularity of our sport, and teams must have at least one female player (or if it is an all-female team, they must include at least one male player).  The gender equity aspect creates many positives for our sport.

B.)  Explain that our organization is dedicated to the belief that becoming a better teammate, a better sportsman, and a better person will make all participants better players.  The better a person plays, the more enjoyable it is for them; and the more likely they are to continue in the sport.

Legendary coaches Vince Lombardi, Bear Bryant, and John Wooden, insisted that long term winning programs begin by improving the personal character of their athletes.  They have found that improvement in the athlete’s technical performance will inevitably follow.  Honor, integrity, respect, and accountability comprise the pillars for pursuing excellence as a player and as a teammate.  Our priorities will be the sport is #1, the team is #2, and the individual player is #3.

C.)  Establish mutually accepted goals for your team.  The minimum expectations should be for all players to have fun and find enjoyment; and all players should be trying to improve their sportsmanship, technical excellence, and teamwork.  Additionally collegiate teams will be pointing towards qualifying for the yearly ACUI National Tournament; and should attempt to conduct a Qualifying Tournament at their school.  All collegiate teams and amateur teams are eligible to participate in the U.S. Collegiate Billiards Team Championship Tournament.  We encourage all teams to include a charitable component in their competitions whenever possible – the sport will be seen as better for your charitable efforts.

D.)  Set up a training schedule.  Two hour team practices; once or twice a week are very helpful.  We have a training syllabus you may follow as a framework to increase your team’s enjoyment and progress.

E.)  Organize a competition and event schedule.

F.)  Create a Private Team Facebook page for communications.  Please be respectful in choosing your team’s name.  Entertaining names are encouraged; but off-color or profane names contribute to a poor image for our sport.  We are seeking an entirely new generation and demographic of fan.

G.)  Participate in growing the popularity of the sport for both players and fans.  We will be conducting clinics, appearances, tournaments, challenge matches. These efforts will increase awareness of the sport, improve its image, and generate some modest fundraising for our teams.

We would appreciate it if each team eventually would conduct some promotional elements too.  We are currently asking that each team conduct a viewing party each afternoon of the yearly Mosconi Cup competition.  This year it will take place Dec. 4-7 and we hope that your team members will attend and support watching the video in your team room.  In the past our viewing parties have included food, cheering, and mini-Mosconi Cup intra-team competitions following the telecast. The idea is to include both team members, friends, family, and other non-team members.  Such events bond you together and make you a real team.

The U.S. Collegiate Billiards website will keep up with your statistics, records, schedules, and biographical information; along with some interviews and training instructional pieces.  This site will be the center of everyone’s activities and is vital for everyone’s success.


The above information will help you establish your team.  There will be questions, comments, or concerns, beyond what has been provided and we will add to this guideline.  Please feel free to contact me with any question or update at Mark Wilson; 618-540-2182 (cell).