About Us

Historically the sport of pocket billiards has lacked an aspirational component – young players have no attractive college or professional leagues that inspire them to commit to achieving the highest level of proficiency. In addition, billiards has not been presented in an entertaining enough format to become popular with a large, younger, and diverse audience – a younger demographic would be very attractive to prospective sponsors who have the power to grow the sport. The Midwest Collegiate Billiards Conference (MCBC) was formed as part of a grassroots effort to solve these problems. Our mandate is to grow and proliferate the sport by providing an organized league dedicated to improving playing performance and providing entertainment for the fans.

The MCBC will have a website devoted to cultivating player and fan interest. Team pages will be have individual player photos, bios, and statistics. Links to the live streaming will be there. Our goal is to improve the image of our sport, and give our players the assistance and exposure to make them the stars of the future.

U.S. Collegiate Billiards Mission Statement

U.S. Collegiate Billiards is dedicated to:

  • Improving the image and popularity of the sport we love; and engaging an entirely new generation of fans and players who find joy in watching and playing the game as it should be.
  • Providing an environment of structured competition and practice for both collegiate and local amateur players wanting to test themselves against others who are serious about improvement, excellence, and promoting the sport.
  • Encouraging and helping each player grow as a person, and to develop the highest level of excellence possible.   True excellence as a player involves striving for the highest standard of scholarship (for the collegiate players), selflessness as a good teammate, sportsmanship, and technical proficiency on the table.
  • Providing an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment for players and fans alike.

Our History

In 2013 Lindenwood University hired world renowned billiards player and instructor Mark Wilson to build and coach a billiards program.  Lindenwood’s billiards program has grown to over 20 players, each of them work hard to display leadership by example and are excellent ambassadors for the sport, and their school.

Coach Wilson founded U.S. Collegiate Billiards to help other schools build programs like the one at Lindenwood, foster competition, and build great pool players to advance and perpetuate the sport.